Traveling Salesman

A traveling salesman ran into a friend of his who was also a traveling salesman.

He was told if he ever got to within 50 miles of a particular whore house he owed it to himself to go by there because they had the best women anywhere around. Well one week while he was traveling he discovered he was about 35 miles from the "Ranch", so he detoured over there.

After knocking on the door a very attractive older woman opened the door a greeted him. He told her who had sent him and since he was in the neighborhood decided to stop by and sample a few of the girls. She indicated she knew his friend and was glad he went out of his way for a visit, but that his timing was bad. All the girls were sick with the flu. After seeing how dissapointed he was, the Madam asked him if he had ever had sex with a chicken.

He assured her he had not and was told he was in for a time of his life. Go upstairs to Room 212, take all your clothes off and I'll be up in a minute with a chicken.

When she came in with the chicken, she told him what to do and then left. He jabbed the cicken on his hard d**k, let go of the chicken's wings and the fun began. The chicken began flapping its wings, causing the man to jump here and there around the room. After a few minutes, the chicken fell off is d**k and skid across the room. The man let out a gleeful yell, cleaned up and came downstairs. He told the madam how much fun that was and tried to pay her. She said it was on the house and for him to be sure to come back soon. About a month later he found himself about 50 miles from the "Ranch" and detoured over there to sample some of the girls. The madam recognized him at once and told him he had the worse luck. All the girls had the measles, but there would be a show in Room 214 shortly, and for him to go upstairs, enter the room and take a seat. She told him there would be other guests in there and not to bother them.

He went to the room, which was dark, found a chair and sat down. There was another man in the room also. Shortly after sitting down, a curtain opened revealing a large window. Two beautiful women entered the room behind the window, and after taking each others clothes off, began fondling and kissing each other.

As one woman began giving oral to the other, the traveling salesman could not stand it any longer.

He tapped the other man on the shoulder and excitedly asked him if he had ever seen anything like that in his life? The other man responded, this is nothing! Just last month they had a fellow in there f**king a chicken!


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